Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Swapbot - Wishlist - chappycat

Received - Wishlist - Chappycat

Chappycat is really generous. She sent me those Hollywood postcards and a beautiful floral morsbag. It's realy nice. It's my first morsbag, ever. =) I am going to use it for my post office trips soon.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for me. I have swap parcels to send, I need to go and shop for groceries, toilettries and swaps as well. I wish my best friend is here, she's a great shopping companion. =) I will post photos of the things I buy soon. Keep tuning in!


  1. debb, cam best jak smua postcard ko ya ko... aku pun mok join juak la mun camya :) hehe .. apa jak syarat2 mok join club tok??

  2. Hehe go to

    1) Register and log in
    2) Request addresses (maximum 5 at one time)
    3) Don't forget to write the id for each postcard
    4) Send those postcards
    5) Wait until the recipient registers your postcard using the id number
    6) Then you can start receiving
    7) Repeat step 2 onwards

    So adil lah, mun kita rajin hantar, kita akan selalu terimak postcard. Address suma random, so sikpat pilih. Sistem yg pilih utk kita. Pegi jak website ya, ada instructions sia. Sangat senang! =)

  3. Oh ya, for Postcrossing, we can exchange postcards only.

    For Swapbot, we can exchange other things as well.

  4. hi debbie, thanks for the info :)

  5. No problem, Carol. I'm glad you're interested. =)


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