Saturday, 5 April 2008

Postcrossing - Postcard from Germany (DE-146534)

This is by far the most unique postcard I have ever received through Karin Buth sent it to me from Gelsenkirchen, Germany. I love the rubber stamp that she used. She coloured the stamped image using colour pencils and glued it onto a piece of manila card. It's is so simple and cheap but unique and it is one of a kind! Love the idea!

The stamp is beautiful too. It's a picture of a Swedish author, Astrid Lindgren (1907-2002). She is the author of the Pippi Longstocking series.

I am thinking of getting some rubber stamps with sentiments. Sentiments are sentences or phrases that you see on greeting cards like 'Happy Belated Birthday' or 'Be My Valentine'. On rubber stamps, these sentiments are usually carved in beautiful fonts and you can reuse it over and over again.

I have surveyed for prices of rubber stamps everywhere in PJ and KL but they are really expensive. A small one sized approximately 1.5 x 1.5 inches is sold for about RM25 to RM30 per piece. There's no way I would buy it for now. I can't wait to receive my rubber stamps from a swapper friend. I'll take some photos when I receive them. =)


  1. try carving the rubber stamps yourselfs~~ its fun and you can carve anything u like. Look at my blog, i have an entry on rubber stamps that I crave

  2. deb, i join postcrossing ode..and i have the address wer to send my 1st postcard. to post the postcard to post office easy la hehe but how bout the id given to me?? wat i shud do wit it? how to register it?? hehe sorry miss banyak soal tok.. owh sigek gik, mun aku sik send postcard kat address yg diberik boleh ka?? heheh

  3. ID ya tulis rah postcard ya juak. Mun sik send to address ya, you cannot receive bah.

    Hehe nya kedak tok, dalam satu masa, kita boleh send 5 postcards. Bila postcards ya dah sampei, baruk address kita akan dipaparkan ngan org lain.

    Contohnya, ko send 5 poskad nak, then bila 3 sampei, ko boleh request for 3 more new addresses.

    Nya ikut kitaran bah, if you send and they receive, then only you'll receive. =) Paham sik kah? Hehe

    Dlm poskad ya, just say hi and hope you'll like the postcard, ya jak. Sik payah panjang2 crita. =)

  4. owhhh ok hehe paham dah..tis person nya mok postcard yg belum kenak tulis.. so i guess just drop note with the id la in an envelope owhh...thanks debbie for the tips...excited aku..i want join swapbot but sik banyak yg boleh aku offer...pc aku kenak jangkitan virus hantar gi repair belum siap gik boring ku di umah x pat on9 ngan ko duak yenny

  5. Oh dakya nang kedak ya, cerewet kit kadang2. Aku pun dah slow down ngan swapbot tok. Postage mahal hehe.

    Pasal pc ya, next time selalu2 scan nya, once a week camya.

  6. ps. masih aktif postcrossing kahh?


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