About Me

My name is Debbie, but I'm better known as Phatelara. That's my online pseudonym, by the way. I have been blogging for more than 3 years and I currently have 4 blogs. I try to monetise my blogs and I'm still learning.

Started in March 2008, this blog is the place where I share my handmade creations. I love making cards and so far, I've tried dabbling in altered crafts and zentangle. I can't really draw or paint like an artist. I'm more of a scissors-and-glue gal, although I'm more of a paper-trimmer-and-glue-tape gal nowadays lol! I'd love to learn to sew ugly dolls but I don't have the patience for sewing.

I sell craft supplies!
I am also an online store owner and my store is called Crafty Heart Online Store. I sell craft supplies, mainly scrapbooking and cardmaking supplies to crafters in Malaysia. We don't have many craft stores here. Therefore, I've decided to sell imported craft supplies at affordable prices, especially for crafters who don't have access to craft stores.

I make handmade cards for sale!
I have recently launched my handmade crafts blogshop called Crafty Heart Crafts. I'm currently offering ready-made cards, and custom made cards as well. Feel free to make your requests.

Contact me!
If you like, do email me, subscribe to my blog or follow me on Twitter. Don't forget to say hi!

Disclaimer: While I might not mention the brands or products that I used in my crafts, I do not claim them to be mine. All brands, products and designs belong to their rightful designers.

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