Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Swapbot - Int Postcard Penpal - nerdgirlcreations

I received this cute postcard from nerdgirlcreations last week. I love the way Japanese girls dress up. I myself would never dress up as daring as them, like the one on this postcard here. I think she has her own style. It won't work here in Malaysia, though. Our climate is too warm for us to get all covered up like that! =)

Anyway, there's an explanation about the Japanese girl.

Yukkie >> 15
Cape >> handmade
Jumper >> Betty's Blue
Skirt >> handmade
Point of fashion >> bear's feet
Current obsession >> eating nikuman
dumplings until I fall over

I think her style is cute, and she looks mature for 15-year-old. I love those cute bear's feet shoes.

Niku means meat. Nikuman is basically meat bun, something like char siew pau. Yummy. Now I'm craving for some nikuman!


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