Thursday, 27 March 2008

How To Make Your Own Matchbox

A fellow crafter friend asked if I buy my matchboxes from stores here in KL. I told her I did not buy any of my matchboxes. I have no idea where to get them anyway. I've decided to share this matchbox template.

The diagram shows a basic template for a matchbox. The grey parts of the diagram are the parts that will be glued so the measurements for those part are not really important. However, do not copy this image and print it; I drew it using MS Paint and I did not follow the right scale. It is only for demonstration purpose. =)

Note that the measurements are slightly different. This is to allow some room so that when you slide in the drawer part of the matchbox, it will not be too tight. (This is also assuming that everyone has seen a matchbox before. LOL)

Here are the instructions on how to construct the matchbox.

Step 1: Fold both parts according to their measurement.

Step 2: Stick the small flaps to form a box.

Step 3: Fold the remaining flaps inward to form a drawer.

Step 4: Stick the flap to form a box where you can slide the drawer in.

Step 5: This is the finished product.

Please pardon my instructions that are in layman's term. =) I've tried my best to explain everything as simple as I can. Hopefully, the photos speak better for themselves. =)

Hope this helps, Ladiefa. Have fun!


  1. hey, a good post providing this matchbox template. By the way, your zentangle bookmarks look great too. The truth is, i also just like to draw patterns on my art creating zentangle like style than drawing realistic artworks. :)

  2. Rizal: Thank you. I'm glad I can share crafting tips and ideas with other crafters. I wish I can draw realistic things, but I guess we should be grateful with what we have and can do. I love your artwork! =)

  3. dear laling,
    Thanks for the free tutorial. You're so kind!

  4. Kak Nana: Hehehe hopefully everyone understand it. I know it can be improved. =) Oh ya, I just came back from post office! I got the miniature vintage body form thingy. Thanks so much!

  5. yeah~ in malaysia we cannot find those matchbox they say, all it those ugly dirty big matchbox.

    Matchbox swap is a good start for beginners for swap

  6. Ciyou: I don't think matchbox swap is a good place to start as a swapbot newbie, especially filled matchboxes. I think postcards or ATCs are easier for beginners. That's just my humble opinion. =)

  7. Debbie,
    that's so kind of you. :)
    thank you for the matchbox templates and tutorial.
    i can't wait to try!
    hope i can came out with one this weekend.

  8. Laydiefa: You're most welcome. I hope my instructions are clear. I am bad at it, I know. I'll be giving away something related to matchbox soon! =)

  9. Thank you so much for this. I can't find matchboxes anywhere so this will come in handy. cheers!


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