Thursday, 27 March 2008

Matchbox Frenzy

I've been altering matchboxes lately for future swaps. These are pretty easy to alter. I used up paper, punch-outs, brads and 3d stickers I received in swaps to decorate the matchboxes. It's great for swaps involving small items like sticker flakes, beads, buttons and other types of embellishments. I haven't really tried swapping my matchboxes in a proper matchbox swap.

It's going to be hard for me to part with these. I must remind myself to ask for more empty matchboxes from my swap friends. =) I also need to shop for more card stocks to make my own matchboxes. That's going to me a lot of tedious work that involve measuring and cutting and sticking the parts together, but fun nonetheless. Hope you all like my work.

My favourites would be the white, shiny matchbox and the one with the purple and pink butterflies. Which one do you like?


  1. OMG. you are so good at this! i envy you a lot girl.

    i'd like to try.. but (sorry this might sound dumb), where do i get matchboxes? the ones at home are normally the mini one from hotels.

    how about the grocery shops or mini mart, they retail this size of matchbox tak?

  2. I got the matchboxes from swaps. Tell you what, my next post will be a short tutorial on how to make matchboxes. =) It's really simple.

    One swapper from UK sent me some that she cut from a template. I love decorating them.

  3. i like the white and shiny matchbox too. :)


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