Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Crafty Heart at Kuching Car Boot Sale 2012

I joined my friend Sheena at the Kuching Car Boot Sale last Sunday. Initially, I wasn't planning on joining, but since Sheena and I are sharing a booth at the upcoming Bloom Bazaar 3, she invited me to join hers at the Car Boot Sale. It was a free event, so whatever we made, they're all ours. Whee!

Our car boot booth

I arrived at about 10am, and Sheena was already there and her booth was all set up. All I had to do was arrange my stuff and I was done. I had old stocks and no new stocks because I wanted to sell them off super cheap. I've had those old stocks kept in my storage for quite a while, so I thought, why not sell them cheap instead of keeping them and not using them at all? Might as well get them into good crafters' hands, right?

These are offline prices :D

Super cheap deals!

I'm so happy that I sold quite a number of alphabet stickers. They were at only RM4 each. Some bought rub-on transfers too at only RM5. These scrapbooking supplies are super expensive at craft stores, so if you came buy that day and bought them, thank you! You found real gems at really good deals!

These were faves that day :)

Sheena and I took some photos too. I love how she packaged her handmade hair clips and hair bands. So pretty!

Sheena's cute hair clips :)

Sheena helped her friend sell some non-alcohol perfume too

I love the idea of sharing a booth at bazaars. You'll always have someone to talk to, and Sheena's parents and sister was there, so we didn't have time to even feel bored or sleepy. Lol!

A lot of the other sellers were selling pre-loved clothes, magazines, books and toys. I saw a seller selling quilling crafts, but I didn't get to talk to her because she was busy with customers. 

Other vendor near us

Sheena's Handmade House

Crafty Heart :)

I still have some old stocks, which I'll be selling at The Bloom Bazaar 3 on 7 July 2012. It will be held at the same venue as The Bloom Bazaar 2, at Bangunan Koperasi Hijau, behind Nissan dealership near Tabuan Jaya roundabout. I'll be having some brand new stocks too, and they will be sold cheaper offline than online. Come and join us!

Enjoy the pics! :)


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