Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Harvey Prince Discount Perfume

Concocting perfume is a form of art. A perfume designer takes a long time and hundreds of tries before he finds the right formula for the desired scent. Different ingredients in different amounts will create different scents, hence, the hundreds or thousands of trials and errors before finding the perfect combination.

I love perfumes, but I can't afford expensive ones. I have a few bottles of Bodyshop perfumes, which aren't very expensive but I really treasured, because I bought them using my hard-earned money. Nothing beats that, compared to receiving them as gifts, I suppose.

Did you know that you can get discount perfume online? At Harvey Prince, you can get these inexpensive perfumes by size and product line. You can purchase gift sets for your best friend, or if you're buying for your girlfriend, you're at the right place!

Image from www.harveyprince.com

If you need to try it out before purchasing a bigger bottle, you can buy the perfumes in sample sizes. Aside from perfume, you can also buy their range of liquid loofah and body lotion. If you'd rather play safe, you can purchase Harvey Prince's $60 gift certificate too.

At the Harvey Prince website, you can read their blog for tips on using perfume, and how to use scents to your advantage. Did you know that you can actually match perfumes to your mood? Now you do!

Head over to Harvey Prince website to purchase a new perfume today! Happy Tuesday and have a great week!

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