Thursday, 2 February 2012

Crafty Heart Featured in The Borneo Post

When a crafter friend, Ronnie contacted me for a feature in a local newspaper, of course I was excited. I was too shy to ask if he would actually run the story, and when he contacted me yesterday about it, I thought, yes, it's finally coming true.

As seen in The Borneo Post, 2 February 2012, page B3

Well, you won't be able to see my pic per se, but pics of my booth setup at The Street Bazaar 2012 and my handmade cards were used in the article. So yay! I'm over the moon about this because finally, I have something to show for. This is for those who didn't believe in me. 

My brother actually woke up early and bought a few copies of The Borneo Post this morning for me, and I'm going to frame the article and put it up on my wall.

Thanks so much Ronnie for the excellent piece, and thanks for using my pics in it as well. :) You made my day!

For those who have been supporting me all the way, you know who you are, and I love you guys!

You can read the online version here: Social Media as an Effective Marketing Tool


  1. Wohoo! Proud of you, Debbie!! Hard work pays! Congrats.

  2. Finally.. :)

    You can show it to everyone now~
    more confident and proud on what u do..
    More to come along your way if God permits..

    Congrats dear ;)

    1. Thanks Dhiya! :) I hope there's more, and same goes to you too. :)


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