Sunday, 29 January 2012

Crafty Heart at The Street Bazaar 2012

The Street Bazaar 2012 was held yesterday. I was experimenting with the bazaar, trying to sell my handmade crafts. I did sell some of my craft supplies like my new ribbons and flowers. 

My booth - you can see my handmade cards :)

Popsicle bookmarks, handmade cards, ribbon bookmarks, and metal bookmarks

The crowd was encouraging, but I didn't manage to sell much of my handmade creations. Perhaps it was not my target crowd, plus parking was a nightmare. You'll never get a parking space during weekends near Waterfront Kuching. Sarawak Regatta was going on yesterday (and today) too, and it didn't help at all. 

Ribbon and metal bookmarks, flowers, ribbons, mobile phone charms,
and mobile phone straps

I wish the bazaar was organised better, though. I loved The Bloom Bazaar 2 better than The Street Bazaar 2012, not because I made more money, but despite some people having problems looking for the place, crowd demographics were better at Bloom's. That's just my humble opinion, though. I didn't get to go around and visit the other booths, though. I was too bored to go around, and I was alone, so no one was there to tend to my booth.  

My handmade ribbon bookmarks ♥

More ribbon bookmarks with charms ♥

Metal bookmarks ♥

The view just behind me

The Enchantress' Cauldron's booth was on my right

Other vendors on my left

I did bought some cupcakes from The Enchantress' Cauldron, though. They were divine! I wish I bought more. I love that the cupcakes are very light and do not fill me up much. I could eat more than three in one seating. Lol!

Super yumm The Enchantress' Cauldron cupcakes ♥

I hope I'll be able to share a booth next time, though. I could surely use the company, and split registration fees. Who's joining me? :P Hope you like the pics. No pics of yours truly, though. Happy Sunday!


  1. Nice photos of the event Debbie! If i go to this type of bazaar i will go crazy browsing for hours!

  2. Thanks Soulie! :) I would do the same too, for sure. Tapi bnyk yg jual preloved items such as baju2, jeans, and kasut that time, also accessories. :D


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