Sunday, 9 October 2011

Crestor Lawsuit

If you've been taking Crestor to lower your cholesterol levels, be warned. Crestor is the commercial name for roduvastatin calcium, which was named R2. It has been proven to cause side effects that could be dangerous to you.

Crestor helps to lower the bad cholesterol in your body by blocking the enzime that produces cholesterol in your liver. It is also said to help decrease plaque buildup in your arteries, and to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

What you may not know is, Crestor comes with several side effects, and the common ones are headaches, nausea, weakness, abdominal pain, and muscle pain. These are just the common side effects, but be wary; Crestor may cause serious side effects as well.

You may be experiencing muscle problems if you have been taking Crestor for a long time. If you always feel muscle tenderness, weakness, or pain, do consult your doctor as soon as possible. These may lead to serious kidney problems or even heart problems. If you are 65 and above, the risk is greater, or if you already have thyroid or kidney problems.

If your doctor told you that your kidneys have been affected due to prolonged Crestor intake, do read more about Crestor lawsuit. Learn how to protect yourself, and how to make product liability claims.

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