Thursday, 7 July 2011

Classic Cars and Vintage Clear Stamps

I love vintage handmade cards, and anything vintage, really. I came across this beautiful clear stamp set by Crafty Secrets. The set features classic cars and everything related to vintage car lovers. Crafty Secrets always have pretty, vintage clear stamps and rubber stamps too. I've yet to own any, but I'd like to purchase a few in the future.

Speaking about cars, did you know that your car needs to breathe? Just like us humans, a car needs to breathe. Your car requires a mixture of air and fuel to be able to work. A car or a vehicle breathes through an air filter, and the air filter works by filtering the air that goes into your car engine.

It is important to change your car air filter from time to time. Otherwise, a dirty air filter will cause inefficient usage of fuel, and therefore, causes you to spend more on gas. It might also cause the spark plug on your car to be faulty. If your spark plus is faulty, you might not be able to run your car at all.

If you're like me and do not know much about the inner workings of a car, let's do our research on cars before buying one. We should not only learn on how to change a flat tire, but also identify each car engine parts, such as air filters and carburetors, and learn more about them.

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