Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Refurbished Copy Machine

When I first started working a few years ago, I worked in a recruitment agency. It was such a small company that I had to do everything, such as answering phone calls, sending faxes to our potential clients, and sometimes my boss would ask me to buy food for her whenever she's too lazy to go out to have lunch.

I don't mind doing all those tasks, but I hated operating the copy machine. I had to learn to operate one and it doesn't help that my boss was so particular about not wasting the expensive toner.

Then, one day, the copy machine broke down for no reason. It wasn't me and I was sure of it. My boss then started complaining about the copy machine and how it would break down when she needed to use it the most. She mentioned something about getting a new copy machine, but she was also looking for a refurbished copy machine.

I don't know much about copy machines, let alone refurbished ones. However, just like refurbished laptop computers, refurbished copy machines are usually pre-owned copy machines. They are usually maintained, cleaned and checked thoroughly so that they work well, and these used copy machines are sold at cheaper prices than brand new copy machines.

Refurbished copy machines, although used, might not have been used for a long period. Some were only used for a few months and therefore, they are in excellent condition. These copy machines also come with warranty, just like brand new machines do. Thus, customers need not worry about purchasing faulty copy machines and waste their money on bad investments.

I guess, operating a copy machine is not that bad. I hated making cold calls even worse than adding the black toner on my bos' copy machine. Nevertheless, nothing beats my current job, working from home selling craft supplies. :)


  1. I also learned to operate a copier machine when I used to work. What I don't like about it is the smell of the toner. It can really make you sick when exposed to it for so long.

  2. Hi Chin Chin! I didn't notice the smell at all! Or maybe I cannot remember lol..but I knew I tried not to breathe much when handling the toner because it's very, very fine and I was afraid I might inhale it. :)

    Thanks for dropping by! :)


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