Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Picking the Right University Course

My brother, Jojo has been asking me a lot of questions about university. He's hoping to get a placing at a local university soon, and he's pretty excited about it. I'm glad that Jojo is very serious about education, and I am happy that he comes to me for advice on it.

I am not a great example when it comes to education. Sure, I have a degree in Computer Science but I'm not using it now. In fact, I don't think I am going to use it at all in the future.

Being the eldest child in the family is tough. I had to go through everything before my other siblings. I am also the eldest grandchild on my father's side, so I practically had to rely on no one but myself when it comes to picking the right courses and so on.

I thought I had my whole life figured out, but it took me years before I realised that maybe I have picked the wrong course. I don't want my brother to make the same mistake that I did, so I encourage him to take up the course that he feels that he's interested in.

Of course, nowadays these kids can go online to ProProfs quiz generator and share educational quizzes. They can make tests and share them with their friends. I think, in a controlled environment, children as young as 7 can learn a lot from computer games and quizzes.

I just hope Jojo will get the course that he likes. I will give him my support all the way. Good luck, Jo!

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  1. True its a good thing that your jojo comes to you for advices, as for me I do feel the same too that I feel that I chose the wrong course. I did go with my friends in picking up my university and course so we can still hang out.

    But sad to say, later events my friends wasn't able to continue studying. well I'm lucky enough that I was able to finish it on my own


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