Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Baseball, America's Favourite Pastime

Baseball is America's favourite pastime and I've seen numerous movies related to the sports or included scenes of the characters playing baseball. Although I don't really enjoy baseball as much as I enjoy football or soccer as they call it in the United States, I think once you understand the rules of the games, you will naturally start to enjoy watching the game.

To be able to play baseball, one will need to know how to pitch, how to catch, and of course, how to hit the ball. One must have excellent hand-eye coordination. Pitching machines are usually used in schools and colleges to train baseball players. Even professional baseball use pitching machines to train with.

These pitching machines come with many functions. Some are hopper-fed, with 600 baseball or 400 softball capacity. This means that the baseball pitching machine can be converted to softball pitching machine easily. These are perfect for team use, in schools or for professional teams.

There are also those that are rack-fed, with 38 baseball or 28 softball capacity. This type of machine is great for individual use, with ball speed between 25 to 85 miles per hour. For kids, there are also starter pitching machines, designed for backyard or field practice and they have slower pitch, from 20 to 60 miles per hour.

For convenience, most pitching machine models can be used with remote control with 80 feet cord. This means that you can start and stop the pitching machine from the batter's area. It will surely save time and energy, especially when the player is doing individual training. Therefore, he will be able to focus more on perfecting his batting. Coaches will also find the remote control beneficial and convenient, and he can focus on guiding his team rather than fumbling with the pitching machine.

I feel like watching the movie Twilight now because I love the baseball scene. Off to watch Twilight!

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