Thursday, 8 April 2010

Pre-Order Batch #1 Update

I've ordered the first batch today, which includes these:
CH347 - Shirley - RM54.50 - Humorous Birthday - 1 item
CH348 - Anjol - RM54.50 - Inchies Greetings - 1 item
CH351 - Dhiya - RM54.50 - Bold Damasks - 1 item
CH352 - Lee - RM109.00 - Flourishes Inchies, Humorous Birthday - 2 items
CH353 - Fariza - RM50.00 - Fluid Chalk Primary Element - 1 item
CH360 - Sazalina - RM50.00 - Pigment Jelly Beans - 1 item
CH361 - Masyitah - RM109.00 - Chandeliers, Ornamental Frames - 2 items
CH362 - Masyitah - RM95.00 - Tsukineko Embossing Stamp Pad Tinted, Tsukineko Embossing Stamp Pad Clear, Tsukineko Embossing Powder Clear - 3 items

I have to mention order IDs, names and total as proofs. I haven't received any email from my supplier yet, but hopefully by tomorrow, he'll inform me about the delivery date. :)

I'm accepting order for the second batch now, and as you can see, I've added some embossing supplies too. I'll be adding more items from time to time, so if you'd like to suggest anything for pre-order, let me know! :)

Along with the first batch, I've also ordered some supplies for myself. I've ordered a large clear block, some clear stamps and sentiment rub-ons. Pretty happy with my purchase as I don't usually spend much on crafting supplies.

I hope to make more cards tonight. Can't do any crafting now because the hot weather is bothering me.

Feel free to have a look at Crafty Heart's Pre-Order category! :) Happy crafting!


  1. It's nice to see that your business is thrivig Debbs! :D I hope it will thrive more! :D

  2. Wow!! that's awesome debbs! Great to hear that ur pre-order is going well! :) :) Your pre-order stocks look awesome too. If I were into crafting, I'm sure I'd get some! :)

  3. Hi Ane! Thank you so much! :)

  4. Hi Shem! Thanks so much for your support! :)


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