Wednesday, 7 April 2010

iPhone vs Blackberry

As a business owner, it is crucial for me to have a reliable telco. For those who are not familiar with the term telco, it's actually a short form for telephone company.

I have 2 cellphone numbers and I used to interchange my sim cards on my old phone, until I bought a cheap made-in-China cellphone that has dual sim function. I love my phone because it has many functions that I use, such as the to-do list, calendar, ebook reader and so forth. I'm eyeing some of the Samsung phones on Sprint website, though. Loving Samsung phone designs!

However, I wish I can stick to just one telco for my phone. I like the cheap call rates for telco A, but telco B is more popular where I'm residing now compared to telco A, which is more popular back home.

Nevertheless, I'm lucky because I've been using telco A and B for so long that I don't need to do any cell phone plans comparison anymore.

I'm kind of torn between the iPhone and Blackberry because those 2 are offered by different telcos here in Malaysia, and they have different cell phone plans too. I'm more into Blackberry though. I'm not too fond of iPhone's touch screen.

I don't know. See why it's so easy to get confused?


  1. personally i prefer iphone due to the apps...and telco i would prefer either Celcom or Digi


  2. Hmm... It really depends on how are you gonna use it. I personally will go for iPhone as I think it is a pretty good all-rounded gadget. Entertainment, organizer and mobile phone. I am very used to Maxis as my telco. >.<

  3. I am still confused on what phone to get Debbs! and I won't get one until I am absolutely sure the phone I will get will meet my needs... I want the iPhone for it's features but I like the blackberry's design.. Not too crazy about the touch screen feature myself, typing this comment from my itouch and it's taking me forever... LOL

  4. I agree with you Debbs. I am a blackberry person myself because i need to have my email with me at all times. I am not to thrilled with I phone but some people like it i guess.


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