Friday, 9 April 2010

Hot Pink Roses Thank You Card

I made another thank you card last night using one of the clear stamps that I have showed in a post recently.

This card is to be sent for my previous giveaway. I'm not too fond of pink, but I like hot pink or fuchsia. Is that weird? Lol!

I hope you like the card. I used 3d foam to stick the stamped roses. That's another simple card from me. I used the mini easel that I bought last year to take the photo. Love it lots!

By the way, I've got news that my stock from Thai has been delivered today. Hopefully I'll receive them by next week, and that means more work for me and more fabric hearts and fabric flowers for you! I've also added colourful bells and googly eyes for your felt creatures! =)

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love your card! I love fuchsia too! :)

  2. Fuchsia rocks!! I love the card. :D

  3. Fuchsia looked good on the card! :)

  4. ms. diya: Thank you, Dhiya! :)

    Zwei: Yay! Thanks! :)

    BCD: Thanks Haaziq! :)


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