Sunday, 18 April 2010

Let's Go For a Craft Retreat

I've been feeling really tired and sleepy lately. I think I work too hard! Although I love my job,selling craft supplies, it's a really tiring job too because I have to do everything. I am the purchaser, the manager, the admin officer, the typist, the data entry clerk and I am also the marketing and sales executive! Lol!

I think I need to go for a relaxing vacation. It doesn't have to be overseas. There are many places in Malaysia that I haven't visited yet. Perhaps I can find a resort, where there's a spa. Then, C and I can relax and enjoy spa treatments such as full body massage and sauna.

I love the idea of relaxing in a hot sauna. When you sweat a lot in a sauna, your metabolism will increase and so does your pulse rate. This allows better blood circulation, hence your blood will transport oxygen throughout your body better. It also relieves joint and muscle pains, just like going for massages. Toxins will be released from your body through sweating too. In short, going for a sauna treatment is good for your overall well-being.

Now who wants to go for a rejuvenating, relaxing craft retreat with me? ;)

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