Sunday, 18 April 2010

Get Artsy - Design Your Own Rugs

Sewing has never been my talent. Although I have learnt to sew from my mom and from school, I don't really enjoy sewing. My mom enjoys sewing and crocheting. She has made quilt blankets, pillow cases, and so forth.

Nevertheless, although I don't enjoy sewing, I like making cross-stitch. I think it's one of the easiest needlework to dabble in. I made a cross-stitch pencil-case for my best friend once, with her name on it and decorated with little flowers and leaves. Too bad I didn't take any photos of it for me to show.

Did you know that there are such things as handcrafted rugs? These handmade rugs are pricey, but they are beautiful and no two rugs are the same.

If you are into carpets and rugs, you can also design your own rugs online. Just create your rug designs online or send images of your rug designs to create your very own couture rug. You can customise your rugs according to the patterns, colours, sizes and shapes that you like, and have every rugs in every room in your house custom-made too.

I really like geometric 70s patterns, but I think flourishes and damasks look elegant too. Designing your own rugs is also a great way to channel your creativity, so try it today!

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