Sunday, 18 April 2010

Blank Chipboard Books, Die-cut Paper Shapes & Ribbons

Yay! I've received my newest stock of ribbons, die-cut paper shapes and mini chipboard books.


The ribbons are great for making hair clips. I've found out that you can make korker bow clips, which are very pretty!

These die-cut shapes are currently available in two shapes; top note and scallop circle. However, they come in sets of colours, and the scallop circles come in sets with separate white circle punch-outs.

Finally, if you love altering notebooks like I do, you will definitely love these 6x6 chipboard books. There are 5 pages on each books and they're currently available in 5 shapes; top note, scallop circle, scallop square, circle and heart.

Don't forget to check out more items in my New Arrivals!


  1. Hey Debbs!! I'm only on for a minute so i'll make this quick! :) I love all your new stuff! when are you gonna make those clips we were talking about??

  2. Hi Shem! Thanks! I missed you btw! :) Uhmm I don't have time to make those clips la..hehe..


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