Monday, 1 February 2010

Magnetic Necklace for Therapy

I really don't know what to get for C for Valentine's Day this year, not that I've ever gotten anything special for him for V-Day. Anyway, I've read somewhere that wearing magnetic jewelry can help improve our health. If that's true, I think I'll get a magnetic necklace or something for C.

Magnetic necklaces can be very stylish and a high quality magnetic jewelry is usually made using very strong magnets. With free shipping worldwide, rest assure that they are very affordable and definitely worth your money.

Perhaps for Christmas this year, I'll get a Stainless Steel Magnetic Necklace for my mom. Mom is very fussy so I guess if I tell her that it's beneficial for her health, she'd actually wear it!

Talking about purchasing stuff makes me want to shop. I'm off to make a shopping list now for February. Toodles!


  1. Valentine's Day is almost here? My the days go by sooo fast!

  2. I have officially run out of gift ideas for B, and so I just give him sex. LMAO! :D

  3. LMAO! You made me laugh, Ane! That IS a great gift! Lol!!


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