Monday, 1 February 2010

Worried About My Detained Parcel

If you follow me on my personal blog, you might have already known that my latest stock purchase has been detained by the Royal Malaysian Customs. I can either go to the customs office at KLIA or appoint Pos Malaysia to settle the matter for me.

I think I'm going for the latter, although I'll have to pay extra RM49.50 for Pos Malaysia's service. It will be very convinient for me, though, since the parcel will be sent to the nearest post office as soon as it is released by the customs.

I'm just hoping that the tax will not be more than 10%. Even with the 10% tax, I'll have no choice but to increase the price for the clear stamps. I bought 50 different designs of mini clear stamps this time, so you know how worried I am about my stock.

Here's to hoping for the best! Please pray for me! I'd really appreciate that. Thank you in advance.

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  1. oww...sory to hear that!

    susah jg ya mcm ni? besar ka kotak tu debbie? hm, sebelum ni pernah jg our stuff end up at custom, but we go straight to post office to collect it. actually nothing happened, they just wanna clarify the contents. we opened the box in front of them but actually they oredy punch a hole on the box. maybe the person who sent it to you forgot to declare the contents.

  2. Hi Mango! Ndak la, I always buy from this seller and he always makes sure he declares accurately. Mesti sbb total more than RM1000. Kalau more than RM500 mmg akan kena tax. Hopefully ndak bnyk la. :(

  3. Oh No Debbs! I hope you get your parcel soon and I hope you don't end up paying too much money for it!

  4. I hope so, Ane..I'm pretty nervous about it. Keeping my fingers crossed here!

  5. I am so sorry to hear that. :( Hope you get them back soon!! >.<


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