Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Total Loss

I am not familiar at all with any insurance terms. I had to search on Google on the term "total loss" before understanding what it actually means. The term "total loss" refers to a condition where your damaged property cannot be rebuilt or repaired back to its original condition before it was damaged. For example, when you lost your house in a fire and you could not have it repaired back to its original condition before the tragedy, that is a total loss condition.

It is important for us to get insurance policies. Be it for our home, our vehicles, or our lives, insurance policies are crucial for us, especially at times of emergencies and difficulties. Insurance policies can help ease the burden, particularly when we are facing monetary problems. Nowadays, there are many insurance companies offering a variety of insurance policies and these policies cover everything and anything you can think of. You can even have your pets insured! Nevertheless, always remember to find out more about the insurance policies you are interested in. Do your research beforehand on the companies and their offered policies before making any decision to sign up for one. Ask your relatives or friends for recommendations and remember to read the fine prints!


  1. Hola Debbs! I know quite a lot of insurance terms actually, cause I do a lot of insurance translation for my clients, now dah tahu dah, dulu I too was at a total loss! ;)

  2. Hola Marzie! Translasi insurans? :):) Wah, you're really good eh? :) Oh ya can I ask ke, how much should I charge ya, I have some ppl asking me to do translation but since I'm not pro, I didn't dare to accept. :D


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