Thursday, 13 November 2008

Tutorial - A Simple Christmas Tree Card

Christmas is coming sooner than you think! A few readers requested for a simple card-making tutorial, so I've decided to write a tutorial on a simple Christmas tree card. The idea is taken from another website, though.

I hope the instructions are easy to follow. :) This card will take about 5 to 10 minutes to make for beginners. For experts, probably 2 minutes or less! :) Enjoy!

You will need:
A pre-folded blank card (folds into a 5x7 inch card)

A pattern paper
A silver star brad
Embellishment (I used snowflake glitter stickers)

Double-sided tape
Glue stick
Tools like scissors, cutter, crafting mat, ruler, pencil

Step 1:

If you're using a plain card, measure and cut it into 10x7 inch.

Then, fold the card into half.

Step 2:

Cut the pattern paper into a triangle, with a 5-inch base (tapak) and 7-inch height (tinggi).

You might want to use your pencil and ruler to measure first, just to be sure.

Step 3:

Use your cutter, cut a small insertion (3mm) at the top of the triangle.

Step 4:

Push the brad's legs/prongs into the insertion. This will be the star at the top of the Christmas tree.

Step 5:

Split the 2 prongs open to secure the brad.

Step 6:

Stick the triangle paper onto your blank card.

You might want to use double-sided tape for the top part, where the brad is so that it sticks securely onto the blank card.

Step 7:

Stick your embellishments onto the white blank card as its background.

You can use glitter stickers, or stamp images of snowflakes too.

And you're done! Here's the end result! Hope this tutorial is beneficial for you. I had fun during the whole process. :) Let me know if you like it!

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  1. Wow very nice!! I have never been good with crafty things. I have always envied those who are.


  2. Thanks Jackie! It's very simple, really. Maybe now you can try making one! :):)


  3. Wah that looks so easy Debbs! Great job dearie!!

  4. Hehe thanks LJ! :) Simple kan? :):) Everyone can craft, actually, doesn't require much skill pun. :)

  5. Wah so pretty! I too can never do scrafty stuff he he, buy je senang! ;)

  6. Scrafty? Hehe new word izzit, Marzie? Hehe..then you can buy from me lah! :D

  7. Hi, nice cards are those! If you are thinking of selling them, you could try ebay or Etsy is a place for handmade items. Good luck and wish to see more of you crafts.

  8. Hi Colour Wheelz, thanks for your suggestions. Will look into it soon, while I find my lost mojo! :P

  9. I just had to comment that you and I have the very same blade! The very same colour too!


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