Saturday, 9 August 2008

Pink & Brown Birthday Cards

It's been a while since I last made a birthday card. I don't even remember when, that's how bad my memory is nowadays! Anyway, I made two birthday cards for two August babies. :):) Not telling who they're for, but uhmm go ahead if you want to guess!

August Babies Birthday Card Duo

These card are the simplest cards I've ever made. I was like, stuck when I made the salmon pink card. The beige card was easy and it didn't take a long time to make, since I used ready-made embellishments. Oh, the theme is PINK and BROWN because these August babies love pink very much! I love the stiletto picture, I think it adds a certain sexy aura to the whole look of the card.

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  1. Wow so pretty!!! Hmm..if i can guess for Marzie ke?? hehehe

  2. Eh, shhhh..cannot tell anyone! Lol!! :P

  3. haha, debbie, my first guess would be marzie too! hehe..

    oh, the cards are lovely! great job! :)

  4. Hi Jean! Godd guess.. ;) No presents for correct guesses, though! :):)

    Thanks for the compliments. :)

  5. deb, huhu so in luv with the card....aku sik pandey bah mok mix-match macam ya..pernah skali ku polah kedak card biak tadika ada jak..penuh sesak im complicated hehe

  6. Carol, there is no wrong and right in making cards. Sometimes ko tangga nya kacak, sometimes ko tangga nya sik kacak. I made these dgn susah payah nya sbb aku sik berapa suka pink, but I tried my best! :):)

    Sometimes simple is best, sometimes messy pun okay, depends on the message we want to convey and the recipient of the card.


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