Friday, 8 August 2008

Craft & Swap Store - Update

I stayed up till 5 am this morning just to get my online store done. It's up and running, and so far only 2 lucky blogger friends have tested the blog. ;)

I cannot wait to officially open it to public, but I simply cannot do that right now because I am still waiting for more supplies to come in. I received 2 shippings yesterday and boy, I was like a kid in a candy shop! I've ordered hundreds of fabric flowers and brads, and I cannot wait for this Sunday's salary so that I can order more!

Can you tell that I'm really excited about my store? I've calculated the price for most items and I must say, they're cheap compared to KL/PJ retail price. Delivery will be either registered mail, Pos Ekspres or Pos Laju. You choose, of course! All payment will be through Maybank2U or Paypal. ;)

I would love more suggestions of craft supplies to get. Let me know if you thought of anything in particular. Thanks everyone! :):)

I've received some awards recently and here they are.

First up is an award from Kak Ida. She's so sweet for making this for her creative crafter friends. Thanks, Kak Ida! :)

Second one is from Kak Emila. Love this graphic as well. Thanks Kak Emila! :) I feel really honoured to receive this from you.

I am supposed to give these awards out to deserving people. Oh well, I don't want to choose, so everyone, have an award or two! :):) Have a great weekend ya!

p/s. I have 2 birthday cards to make, and I haven't started even one! Gotta go, see ya!


  1. i hope everything is going to be great ya..

    wah memang nampak sibuk sejak akhir2 ni..

    restnrileks bagi award "thank you" jgn lupa ambil ya..


  2. Hi Rizal, sibuk sikit la skrg. Nak join ATC pun rasanya tak sempat ni. :):) Ye ke ada thank you award? Nanti saya pegi ambik ye, thanks so much! :):)

  3. Hi Debbie, good luck yeah! I'm excited just by listening to u talk abt it, I bet it looks really good! :)

  4. Hi Marzie! I hope it looks good to others because I love it! :):)

    It's nothing huge, but I am proud of it because I've always wanted to have my very own online store. :)

  5. hi debbie,

    wah sibuknya. but once again i wish u all the best, semoga berjaya dengan perancangan yg ada.

  6. Hi mangosteenskin,

    Thank you for the wish. Semoga bnyk yg jadi customer nanti. Hehehe..


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