Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Craft & Swap Store - Sneak Peek

Hi all! I know I've promised some sort of craft this week. I'm really sorry I haven't got anything as of today, but I know I have a birthday card to make for a special friend who's going to celebrate her 22nd birthday on 10th August.

I've been busy with my new job, but I'm grateful that I'm working from home. =) I'm so happy with my current job; I think it's the best thing that happens this year, so far! I've been sourcing out for craft supplies to sell on my Craft & Swap Store. Again, thanks to all of you for responding to my online survey. I really appreciate it.

Now, I cannot tell you guys when the exact opening is going to be, but I know I have some products for you already. Most of them are making their way to me as we speak. I'm really excited too, because I have never bought so much craft supplies for myself! Craft supplies are so expensive in Malaysia, don't you think? Worry not, I promise you that my prices will be cheaper than the usual retail prices.

Here are some pictures of the products. Let me know if you like them! I really want to know what you think! Leave me a message okay?

Rubber Stampede Ink Pad Set 12 Romance Pastel

Rubber Stampede Ink Pad Set 12 Primary Colors

Blue - Pebbles Inc. BABY BOY SAMPLER Stickers
Pink - Pebbles Inc. BABY GIRL SAMPLER Stickers

Creative Imaginations PINK KRACKLE ALPHABET Stickers
Creative Imaginations GREEN GRUNGE Alphabet Stickers

Jesse James Dress It Up GIRLS RULE GIRLY Mini Flatbacks

Oh, I came across a website called Storesonline eServices. Apparently, they provide website development services especially for people who wants to start an online business, like me. Perhaps I shall check it out right now! Cheerio! :)


  1. hello debbie,

    long time no see.. wah hope you had a great holiday kat sarawak..

    anyway, all the best wishes for your new job ya..

    moga sukses selalu..

    heppi blogging. :)

  2. Hi Rizal! Long time no see to you too! Hehe..

    Thanks for the best wishes! You pun sama, semoga gembira dan bersabar selalu dgn semua dugaan, esp. if it's work-related.

    Happy crafting and blogging to you! :):)

  3. hi debbie!!
    good luck with ur online store!

    i like the stampede especially, of course! hehe.

  4. Hi Mangosteenskin! :) I knew you'll like the Stampede ink pads. ;) Thanks for the good luck wish!!

  5. debbie i like the stampede ink too.. since i got my rubber stamp ode now just looking for the ink pad hehe..

  6. Hi Carol, thank you! :) I'm in the process of looking for more ink pads in various colours and sizes. :) Paying more attention to PINKs and BABY BLUEs, of course! :)

  7. Thanks LJ! :):)I'm really excited!

  8. Hye debbie...
    I've seen all the products before, @ Papier, The Curve. Quite expensive, but still affordable. I'll go check out ur store and look for the price. Hehehheh....

  9. Hi Ayu! Thanks so much for your comment! :) I've never been to Papier. I wonder how much they're selling these at the shop? If you remember, do let me know ya.

  10. Debbie, u mentioned ur new job at ur other blog as well, that means you must be really loving it! And welcome to the world of working from home, best kan? He he he!! :)

  11. Hola Marzie! Yup I am so loving it! Now I can work from the comforts of my untidy bedroom and sleep anytime I like! I can earn as much as I want per day and I get paid every week. Yay!!

    Thank you for introducing me to this and to LJ! :):):)

  12. hi! Debbs,
    Looking forward to purchase the stamp inkpad. How much? how much? hehehe. Kak Nana gonna get some rubberstamps that I can't wait to use it. Cool rubberstamps by Mangosteen.

  13. Hi Kak Nana! :) How are you? Lama tak muncul here at my blog.

    Hehe..I saw the pretty Caffelatte rubber stamp at Mangosteenskin's blog, I knew that one's yours.

    Nak ink pad ye? Gotta wait for the opening of my craft shop, but here's a hint; one ink pad is not more than RM5. ;) It's a mini, btw.


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