Friday, 15 August 2008

ATC Swap - Identity - Received

Finally the ATCs are here. Mangosteenskin had to repost them to me, since I was not around when she sent them earlier and the mail was sent back to her. Thanks so much Mangosteenskin for resending!

I received ATCs by Emila, Cima and JiwaSintetik. Mangosteenskin included her hand-drawn key chain and I love it! It's so cute and I love the patterns. She included something else, which I love the most and it's a wearable item. I'll see if I can wear it and pose for a photo. :)

I'd like to say thank you to Rizal for the award above. I hope it's not too late! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Debbie! ATC tu apa?? lol.. blur ni!! but you guys are so creative lah... can't draw to save my life you know...heheh

  2. LJ! ATC stands for Artist's Trading Card. The main criteria of an ATC is it must be the same size as a regular playing card. It can be decorated in any way you like and are usually made in series.

    I cannot draw also lah! :):) I can conteng2 only. :P

  3. OOhhh... so you guys trade cards monthly ke apa?? macam swapping2 gitu lahh eh?

  4. Yup, every month la but this month I tak join. :) This month's theme is Independence. Emila lukis cantik giler!

  5. ooohhhh... interesting gak eh.. yes Emila does great do you too :)

  6. Hehe thank you *blush* lol!! Lepas ni nak buat satu Thank You card pulak. :):)

  7. hi debbie!!!

    glad the parcel arrive safely. and the most important thing is...u like them!!! sory i'm a bit busy lately. i visited u earlier but no time to comment. LOL.

    enjoy ur new ATC!! for me, evrytime i receive new atcs, they will be displayed everywhere. at home i stick them on the the morning, i'll put them in my bag...and they'll accompany me in the office. i take them home...fridge again...until i'm satisfied.hahahahahaha.

  8. Hi Mango! :) I love them! But I'm the type who love but won't touch them too much, afraid to spoil them. Hasil kerja tgn org, so very precious!

    Oh, I want to order labels from you la. Nanti I email you k? :)

  9. hi debbie!!

    got ur email oredy. will jot it down and make a come back to u later ya. i'm a bit busy outside the office lately.

    i'm looking for fabric and wood stamp ink, but i have ordered it from somewhere else just before u announce ur online store.

  10. Hi Mango! :)

    It's okay, take your time. Am not in a rush anyway. :):) That's okay if you've bought inks from others. Maybe you'll find some other things that you like in my store.


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