Monday, 9 June 2008

Black & White Postcard Using Altered Inchies

Hello crafter and blogger friends, thanks so much for participating in my craft store survey. I'll analyse the information from all of you and use it to guide me to start my own online craft store. I'm in the process of getting the craft supplies, so please bear with me.

What's Your Identity? by Debbie

I haven't been making any cards lately, but here's something I made last year for my very first swap at swapbot. I made this black and white postcard using the altered inchies before I even heard of inchies! I use mostly collage and zentangle techniques on 8 different inchies. The postcard was scanned so it may not look neat, but it's prettier in person!

I can't wait for my very first ATC swap! The other ATCs look very pretty as they were illustrated by talented people like Mangosteenskin, Rizal, and Emila. You can look at our ATCs here.

Oh, did you notice that my blog loads faster now? I changed the background image to a smaller one and tiled it! It lacks dimension compared to my previous one, which was an image of a stitched ribbon, but it doesn't really matter. I hope you like it as much as I do.

If I owe you any swaps, I'm sorry for being late! Or rather really late! I'll be sending them asap, thanks for being so patient. Have a great week! =)


  1. i love those inchies idea!! looking forward to create my own inchies!!

    when will i can see ur lost-in-a-doodle? ur zentangles are marvellous.

  2. mangosteenskin: Thanks! My lost-in-a-doodle will be featured here soon! :) Thanks so much for liking my zentangles. Hehe..

  3. love it debbie. nanti mungkin boleh laa rizal cuba-cuba buat incies pulak..


    love those zentangles too ..

  4. rizal, cubalah..Inchies ni boleh digunakan dlm ATC, cards and maybe even your illos. :) Selamat mencuba!


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