Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Craft N Swap Online Store Survey

I have been busy planning my online store lately. Sorry for not updating as frequent as before. Thank you for always dropping by Craft N Swap, I really appreciate it.

I've made a survey form for my online store, so please kindly fill it up. Please answer all questions. The survey is open to Malaysians only because for now, I am targeting craft enthusiasts from Malaysia, especially from Sabah and Sarawak. I'll be selling scrap booking and card-making supplies.

Here's the link (opens in a new window):

Feedbacks and suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you! Have a great week.

Updated: I'm giving away some EC credits! Just write about my blog and include my survey link in your post. It can be just one line. Then, leave me a comment here with your permalink for me to verify. The first 5 bloggers will get 250 EC credits each. A blogger can submit only one entry.


  1. Wah wah online store it seems, congrats!! Good luck with ur survey Debbie. :)

  2. Hola Marzie! Where have you been? These few days senyap je? Thanks for dropping by ya. Hope a lot of people will fill up the short survey.

    p/s. I got the CC edi, bila nak bagi online money-making tutorial ni? Hehehe.. =)

  3. Wah Debbie.. congrats.. mesti success!!

    Am her on rocket and dropping by EC!!

  4. Hi LJ! Thanks for dropping by! =) Harap2 mcm tu la, just want to start something small. Right now tengah planning and strategising. Hehehe.. =)

  5. Hi Debbie, stopping by to wish u a great weekend. I'll see u at FB this weekend if u know what I mean he he! ;)

  6. Hi Marzie!! You have a great weekend too! See ya at FB! ;)


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