Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Black & White Postcard - Collage & Stamping

Here's another black and white postcard I made for the postcard swap. I love this one.

I stamped all over the blank white card stock with a daisy stamp using black ink. Make sure that you stamp it on another paper to test out the intensity of the ink. The effect to achieve here is worn and effortless. If your stamped daisies turned out too dark, you can use a fine sand paper to lighten it.

I photocopied an image of a salsa dancer from a free postcard of La Bodega Tapas y Vinos restaurant. I cut the image according to its outline and glued it onto a white card stock.

Then, I printed the word "Dance" and the phrase "like no one's watching" in black on a white paper. I torn the sides of the word "Dance" so that it looks effortless. I cut the second phrase in a rectangular shape so that it doesn't outdo the word "Dance". I glued both onto the card, overlapping the image.

That's all! The postcard was scanned, so it does not look as good as it does in person. I hope you like it! ;)

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