Monday, 17 March 2008

Weekend Project - Swap Cards

I swap a lot. I send packages every week. At first, I didn't mind writing on a piece of paper, like a small note. I decided to make these and they definitely make my swapping easier. I don't have to re-write my long address and my swap-bot name every time. I also get to choose the images I want on them. How cool is that?

Images I chose: Buttercup, Powerpuff Girls,
Kyo Sohma & Yuki Sohma (Fruits Basket),
Arale Norimaki (Dr. Slump)

I made these on Microsoft Works Word Processor. There are many templates that you can choose from, namely postcards, tags, cd cover sleeve and these swap cards uses Avery business card template. The template allows you to print 10 business cards per A4/letter sized paper. It's pretty easy because all you need to do is edit one card and the design applies to all 10. I had lots of fun making these. I need to buy a black ink cartridge, though. Mine has obviously run out, as you can see on the Powerpuff Girls image. You can also download templates online. =)

I am off to post office now. I need to claim some parcels. Can't wait to share what I receive this time! =)


  1. Hi! Debbs,
    That looks cool! thanks 4 sharing. Everytime I've to painstakingly wrote my addy on the orange label stickers so..time consuming. Merci!

  2. all the characters are so comeii!
    Luv- kakak nana *grin*

  3. Kak Nana: You're welcome. =) I got the idea from another swapper. I am waiting for my address labels (with Emily The Strange picture) from Elizabeth4510 and it's taking forever! And she has received my end of the swap. Sheesh! (Diorang ni kadang2 mcm tu la, suka ambik kesempatan. Mentang2 tak payah rate sbb bukan private swap.)

  4. that looks awesome. great way of promoting your craft and swap too..

    love the varieties of the card. :)

  5. Rizal: Thanks! =) Toksah la puji bnyk sangat. Hehe biase je, setakat print je, kalau lukis sendiri baru best.


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