Wednesday, 12 March 2008

First Zentangles + Inchies

My First Ever Inchies + Zentangles

I made these recently for a swap on swap-bot. These are what they call Zentangle Inchies. It's a combination of 2 different forms of art. Zentangle is an art of doodling, that's how I would define it. Inchies are an inch square pieces that you can do anything on to make really tiny art pieces.

The swap hostess is clever enough to combine these two and I joined because I've always wanted to try both! I used permanent marker to draw these on white thick paper. I reused some of my greeting cards back and cut them into 1-inch square pieces. They work wonderfully, as the ink doesn't bleed.

I believe in reusing materials that I have. In the future, there will be more prove of how environmentally concern I am in crafting. =) I drew these free hand. I wanted to doodle based on my mood for the day and this is the result. I guess I was in a really good mood. *giggles* For larger pieces, some zentangle artists draw with pencil before using pen, but that's entirely up to you.

Many believe that zentangle helps to reduce stress and for me, it's true. When you feel stressed, just doodle and feel the difference. I am going to make more of these. I plan to use them to make note cards for my swap. =) I think I will make a few zentangle note cards as well. I really need to get proper pens for this. In the meantime, if you're interested in zentangle, you can go here.


  1. You have a nice blog. Come to see my blog too!

    Adress is,

    Have a nice spring!

  2. Thanks! Am going to check it out now! =)

  3. Hi! Debbs! Nice home U have here! Cool! I love your zentangles inchies. I think I'm gonna take one and ruunnnn!

  4. Hi Nana! Thanks for dropping by. =) Thanks for the compliment! =)

  5. apa benda ya.. ko lukis dik mpun kah? so complicated jak ku nangga. very small kah?

  6. Yenny: Haha lukis dikpun lah. It's called zentangle inchies. Zentangle tok biasanya dilukis atas kertas besar. Inchies tok made of anything, asalkan sebesar 1 inci persegi. So yes, they're small.

  7. Carol: What you want? hehe salah post la tok koh.

  8. hehe auk ehh..bok ku perasan hahahah

  9. hey, there...ehh tak sangka ada ada gak post fasal zentagle.. lebih2 lagik blog dari malaysia..

    cool cool

    keep on doing all these artsy crafty stuffs ya...

    will be checkin back from time to time to see what s new?


    heppi blogging and have a great weekend

  10. Rizal: Thank you! Tak sangka ada lelaki minat artsy crafty stuff, lebih2 lagi dari Malaysia. =D

    Come back soon! =)

  11. hahaha... ader laaa ramai laki2 yang minat crafty things...

    have to look further then sure leh jumper..keke..

  12. Rizal: Oh ye ke? nanti la I cari. =)

  13. wow. those are lovely..
    you're very good with doodling!
    it's one of the thing i haven't master.
    may i know what pen do you use? must be a good one since it doesn't bleed.

  14. I used MonAmi, made in Korea. It's actually a permanent marker with fine nib. It's the paper I used, I think. I reused my old greeting cards. Most greeting cards have that glossy finish; they're great for this since I have to doodle on such a small piece of paper. =)


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