Tuesday, 11 March 2008

My First Post - Altered Matchboxes

Hello everyone. I've decided to start a separate blog specially dedicated to crafting and swapping. Here, I am going to share photos of crafts that I recently made, swaps that I received and also swaps that I sent. =) From time to time, you'll get to see how I make some of my crafts and also useful tips that I always use in crafting.

There will be more photos here, but Ramblings of The Phat will still be my main blog. Just to start for today, here are some photos of my most recent creations.

I made this Emily-inspired filled matchbox for InceyWincey for our private swap on swap-bot. She received it yesterday and she loves it! I received a for this swap. I sent this with a box of Korean version of Pocky called Pepero. I haven't received anything from her yet, though.

The box is made of thin card stock that was cut using a template. I received them in a swap with ClareyFairy. This box is slightly bigger than the usual store-bought matchbox and I like it because I can stuff more beads in it. Both the outer and inner parts of the matchbox were wrapped with paper; I used thinner paper on the inner part so that it will be able to slide in perfectly and not too tight. I plan to try and use acrylic paint to colour the inner part, but I need to get the acrylic paints as I don't have any.

This is a kawaii filled matchbox, with Hello Kitty theme. I made this for ArtsyFartsy who loves all things kawaii. I slipped a note under those beads; notice the white paper? I hope she finds it. =)

Again, same technique, I used a patterned Japanese origami paper as the decoration for the outer part of the matchbox. The Hello Kitty image is from a Chinese Sanrio Christmas greeting card that I bought from a local gift shop. They were selling a pack of random items for RM5 and the card was included, among other things. I love reusing things to make crafts. Since craft supplies in Malaysia are limited and expensive, I swap for craft supplies, whether brand new or something the swappers don't use anymore in their stash. I don't mind at all. So far, all swappers have been really generous. They sent me all sorts of things, the latest being a whole range of 6x6 patterned paper for card-making/scrapbooking. I was ecstatic, still am whenever I see the pretty paper. =)

This is the latest altered matchbox I made. I am going to give this to a swapper friend who's into frogs. The frog in the photo is actually made of wood and painted. It was originally a magnet, but I pulled off the magnet so that I could stick it with double-tape on the outer part of the matchbox. I love the yellow-lime green combo. and Mr. Froggy is perfect for it. He's cute, isn't he?

I hope to share more information and ideas soon. Keep on crafting! =)


  1. yah i'm the first to leave comment in your brand new blog!! :)

    I like the froggy matchbox...very nice

  2. Hello! Yeah you're the first! =) aaww Mr. Froggy there has a lot of fans indeed! =) Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Cute matchboxes, Debs :)

    I like Emily cos she's a dark mysterious girl who likes cats, just like me. But I'm not mysterious hahaha...

  4. Nita: Thanks! =) I like Emily too, but I haven't got addicted to her yet. I am addicted to altering these matchboxes, though.

  5. eeeee so cute!
    i wanna try to do it lah.

  6. laydiefa: You should! I bet you'll make prettier ones than mine. =)

  7. i was once into matchbox swap and I did tons of it, but I love the FAA lucky parcel swap more often right now

  8. Ciyou: What does FAA stands for?

    By the way, I don't swap matchboxes. I alter matchboxes for people as one of the surprises I include in their packages. =)


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