Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Large Hole Beads

When I went to FAH Matang to get some satin strings today, I saw some glass beads and got some ideas to make crafts for sale at The Bloom Bazaar on the 26th. I bought some red and olive green glass beads. You can see how shiny they look in the pic. Aren't they pretty? 

Glass beads
Beads are versatile craft materials that can be incorporated in various crafts. Not limited to only bead accessories or jewelleries, beads can be used in any kinds of needleworks, such as making embroideries on pillow cases and cushions, and even on Malacca's Baba Nyonya Peranakan shoes. 

Beads can also be used in cardmaking. I love using my handmade pins on my cards. They work well on wedding cards, making them look dainty and pretty. Just like pearls on a woman, faux pearl beads look precious and elegant on a card.

My handmade hat pins
I've just found out that there are Large Hole Beads as well. These beads have large holes that make them perfect for thicker strings, such as European chains, wide leather laces, hemp twines, braided fabric strips, and any type of stringing materials that have wide diameter. With these large hole beads, you can make almost anything, and your crafting possibilities will be endless!

Large hole beads

If you have used large hole beads in your crafts, I'd love to see them! Do share! :)

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