Monday, 5 September 2011

Funny T Shirts as Gifts

I love tees with catchy slogans, especially geek chic t-shirts. My brother loves them too, and we always try to buy tees whenever we go shopping together. I'm so not a girly kind of girl, so I love wearing tees and jeans all the time.

At, there are many choices of funny t shirts. They are perfect as gifts for birthdays and even Christmas. If you're looking for a "just because" gift for your male friends, the geeky science tees are great too.

Depending on the design, the tees are available in various colours and sizes. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the tees not available in the sizes that you want. I also love that some of the tees are designed for girls in pastel colours such as pink.

I took a screen capture of a few of the many available humor t-shirt designs. Can you guess which ones are my favourites?

Funny t shirts at CafePress

I love the pirate humor tees! I also like the science humor and the Grandfather Godfather movie tees. I certainly won't mind wearing tees with Asian or zombie humor themes; I think they're hilarious. 

I definitely think that the tees are excellent as gifts for my girlfriends and cousins. I think I have this year's Christmas presents settled already!

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