Tuesday, 10 May 2011

How to Make Hat Pins Using Wire

I love hat pins when I first laid eyes on them. I love looking at those pearls and beads on hat pins, used on handmade cards as embellishments.

I recently made my own hat pins. I couldn't find long hat pins and I didn't want to buy them online. Therefore, I use wires and cut them into short pieces. The wires are remainders from my brother's art project, and so are the beads. Just make sure that your beads have holes that are big enough for your wire.

I really enjoyed making these. I love the ones with the faux pearls the best! These homemade hat pins are very safe to use as they are don't have sharp ends. I used UHU glue to stick my beads on the wires.

My simple handmade hat pins with plastic beads and faux pearls

Here's a tip - arrange your beads towards the bottom of the wire, put some glue at the top part of the wire, and then, move the beads up one by one. I personally think UHU glue is safe and easy to use, compared to stronger glues.

You can see one of these handmade hat pins on my recent card - Red Cupcake Birthday Card. Hope you like this craft idea and have fun! Enjoy the pics!


  1. Miss Red Apple: You're most welcome! It's not a complete tutorial, though. :) Just an idea-sharing post.


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