Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Geeky Johnny Depp Vintage Designer Glasses

Johnny Depp wearing a vintage designer frame

I purchased my new glasses earlier this year, and at almost RM500 including my lenses, it's pretty expensive. However, I'm happy with it and even though I wish I have a perfect eyesight, I'm just grateful I can see all the beautiful things around me.

If you're looking to purchase designer frames, look no further. There are many online stores that sell such product, but at Warby Parker, they do much more than just sell prescription glasses. 

When you buy a pair of designer eyeglasses on Warby Parker, they will give someone else a pair. Warby Parker has donated more than 50,000 pairs of glasses to those who need them in more than 23 countries. How amazing is that? 

I love that the frames have cool names, such as Monroe, Preston, Crosby and Griffin, for both men and women. They all look vintage, which is Warby Parker's signature.

Johnny Depp is wearing a pair of glasses that looks like Warby Parker's Crosby designer frame in burgundy. Love it! If you fancy trying out your glasses before purchasing one, Warby Parker has the Virtual Try-On tool on their website.

Warby Parker's Crosby designer frame in burgundy

The website also offers various designs of Rx glasses at only $95 per pair. You can also get monocles at the website. Such a quirky gift, don't you think? Visit Warby Parker today!


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