Sunday, 29 May 2011

Books - To Buy or Not to Buy?

I love reading, but I don't really buy books. Isn't that weird? I don't know anyone who loves reading but avoid buying books like I do. I don't buy books because I don't like spending ridiculous amount of money on them. Besides, I don't really read the same book more than once.

When I was growing up, my aunt started to bring me along to the local library, where she borrowed books and when she went to another town for nurse's training, she let me use her library cards. A person could borrow 3 books at a time, and using my aunt's, my dad's, my sister's and my cards, I borrowed 12 books at a time. I always managed to finish reading all of them within one week. All I did was read, read, read and read! I didn't get into the habit of buying books because I could borrow them.

However, when I was in college, I had to buy books because I dislike using photocopied books. I bought new and used books because I had to have the books. College textbooks aren't cheap, and therefore, if you're looking to save money like I did, you will need to plan and manage your spendings. One of the best ways is to lookout for ads that say "college text books for sale" by your seniors. You might get your books at super low prices!

I still don't buy books nowadays. I do wish I have more time to read, though. Too many things to do, too little time!

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