Thursday, 7 October 2010

Doctors & Nurses Clear Stamp Set

I'm currently adding more clear stamps to my collection. Clear stamps are very easy to use, and they're pretty cute too. They're best used with pigment inks, so I'm trying to get as many pigment ink colours as I can as well.

I've been looking all over for doctor and nurse clear stamps, and I've found this cute clear stamp set by Woodware Craft Collection. I love how we can colour the images using colour pencils or Copic markers and make them our own.

I have a few aunts who are nurses and I have quite a number of friends who are doctors.  C's mom was a nurse too, and so was his eldest sister. 

I stumbled upon my aunt's photo on Facebook recently and she was wearing her full operation theatre (OT) attire, with scrubs and everything. It was quite a sight, since I've never seen her at work before, but my aunt is an excellent, dedicated nurse. I swear she should actually be a doctor!

Comfortable scrub sets are important in a doctor's or nurse's daily routine. Cotton fabrics are best as they are easy to wash and they are super comfortable. One should always respect medical staff. It's definitely not easy trying to save lives and dealing with pressure at the same time.


  1. my kids would love to color this. hahaha

  2. Any idea when are you going to get this into your store? I would like to have a set too. Thanks!

  3. Message Keeper, no plans yet! Thanks for asking.


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