Thursday, 19 August 2010

Stamped & Coloured Image on Birthday Card

I recently tried colouring stamped images to be used on my handmade cards, and I must say I love the result.

I'm not the most talented artist, but I think I did a fairly good job, colouring the stamped image on this birthday card. It's also a different style of card. It's folded vertically but it's landscape, which is different compared to my usual prefered style.

This card will be available on my handmade card store. Hope you like it!

What do you think?


  1. love it!!! sumpah tak tipu!!!!

  2. sumpah tak tipu means I SWEAR!!

  3. Hi Sofia, thanks for your comment. :) Saya faham Bahasa Melayu, I'm a Malaysian too.

  4. hey debbs.. i think the coloured images look great! I think i prefer it to the normal stamping. :D it pops out more.. and the colors you chose are so sweet. Betul memang lawa. :D

  5. Thanks Shem! I'm still experimenting. I'm not that good at colouring, though. Simple2 gini boleh la sikit2..:)


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