Saturday, 28 August 2010

Creating Beautiful Photos Using Digital Backdrops

If you're trying out scrapbooking, you will agree with me that a scrapbook layout will look way better with a beautifully-printed photo.

There's no absolute rule of how many photos you can put on a layout, but in my opinion, your layout should not look too crowded.

Your objects in the photos should be in focus, and the photos should be bright and clear. If you don't like the background of the photos, you can always edit them before printing.

Using an image editing software that you're comfortable with, you can easily edit the background of your photos and replace them with suitable digital backdrops.

These digital backdrops will make your photos look better. For example, you can omit the random strangers in the background of your child's photo taken at Disneyland and replace it with a digital backdrop.
Pick a digital backdrop that suits the mood, such as balloons for a birthday party photo or a white, floral backdrop for a wedding photo.

Otherwise, you can also use digital backdrops to edit your photos for other uses, such as designing and printing customised birthday or wedding invitations.

Photographers can also gain more advantages by using digital backdrops to enhance their photos, especially for wedding photos and portraits.

Have fun!

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