Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Pre-Order Batch #1 - Items are Here!

I'm so relieved that the Pre-Order Batch 1 items are here! They're going out to their owners this morning, so I hope they'll arrive soon!

They took about 10 days to arrive in Malaysia from the US. However, delivery of this particular batch was delayed due to some problems on the supplier's side.

As you can see, there are 7 Inkadinkado clear stamps worth RM54.50 each, 2 Colorbox Queue 6 in 1 ink pads worth RM50 each, and the embossing supplies include a tinted embossing ink pad, a clear embossing ink pad, and a small jar of clear embossing powder, worth RM95 altogether.

Inkadinkado clear stamps
Colorbox Queue 6 in 1 ink pads
Embossing supplies

The total of the items is RM576.50, so you know I am very serious about my pre-ordering and I take good care of my customers. ;) I also offer free shipping for these pre-order items! :)

These items may not seem cheap, but I assure you that I try very hard to get the cheapest price that I can get. I don't have enough capital for such a huge purchase, therefore, I'm offering pre-order service for those who are interested.

I have added more items for pre-order and you can view them on my online store. Among the items added are 12x12 paper packs, more clear stamps and also distressing ink pads. Check them out! :)

I bought some new crafting goodies for myself too and I can't wait to use them! I'll post a pic or two here soon! Have a great week.


  1. Wow! All this stuff around rm600?? so expensive! I could buy one Topman winter apparel by using that money. haha. It look beautiful though~

  2. Lol Haaziq! Craft items are not cheap, but trust me, kat kedai kraf lagi la mahal than my prices. :)


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