Monday, 19 April 2010

Wilderness Therapy

My younger sister and I have never been in a really good relationship. Although we're sisters, I feel that there's always sibling rivalry, in terms of her getting envious of me, but I don't feel that way towards her. If you don't really know us, you'd think that I'm just exaggerating and overreacting, but trust me, I think my sister needs serious psychological help.

I think she would benefit from programs that focus on building self-confidence. She needs to learn to mix with people and to learn basic social skills too. Most of all, she needs to learn to love herself, and to be more positive in life. Perhaps she needs a wilderness therapy.

What is a wilderness therapy? It is a therapy that is done in a farm camp, where problematic students undergo therapy by doing daily farm activities with their friends. These students are guided by their therapists, who will talk to them and guide them throughout the course, helping them communicate and express themselves better. These students will also learn to work in a team and working as a family. At the same time, they will learn to make decisions, solve problems and learn to accept success and failures as a normal process in life. 

The students will also be taught about nutrition and how food plays a big role in their overall well-being. They are taught about how food that is high in sugar causes mood swings and therefore, affect them emotionally and mentally.

The students who are encouraged to join such program are those who face problems such as anxiety, depression, family conflict, negative peer groups, anger or defiance, isolation and more. I personally think these are my sister's problems and she would definitely benefit from the program. I just hope she'll change to be a better person, at least for our parents' sake.

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