Saturday, 13 March 2010

Why Buy Scrapbooking Supplies Online?

I recently bought some new stocks for my craft store, Crafty Heart. Just in case you're reading this for the first time, this my my Crafty Heart blog. My Crafty Heart store is located somewhere else, but you can find the link on my sidebar. :)

Anyway, I bought a set of Thank You corner clear stamps. I figured out that I need more sentiment stamps, especially Thank Yous as you can never have enough sentiment or phrase stamps! I will take a photo of it as soon as it arrives.

I also bought some round and star brads, and about 20 designs of scrapbooking stickers for my store. In addition to that, I am also expecting the 6x6 paper pads that I've ordered last week. I only bought a few designs, as I didn't want to purchase more than RM500 worth of items for fear of getting taxed like before.

I love buying Scrapbooking Supplies Online. By purchasing your craft supplies online, you'll be able to save  your time and money. You will only need to pay for shipping costs, and sometimes you can even enjoy  free shipping. 

Thank you everyone for supporting Crafty Heart. I'm hoping that I will be able to continue supplying affordable supplies to scrapbooking and cardmaking enthusiasts in Malaysia.


  1. Hey Debbs, I was wondering, what kind of crafty thing would be an awesome give away?

  2. I am thinking of having a give away and I was wondering what to give away and I thought I'd ask someone artistic.. :P

  3. Lol! Maybe something that symbolises The Philippines? :):)


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