Saturday, 13 March 2010

Collecting Crystal Figurines

When I was in primary school, my father bought me a stamp album to get me started on collecting stamps. I remember I would bring my small stamp album to school and exchange stamps with my classmates. I can still remember how envious I was of my friends' collections. It was my first time coming across triangular stamps, but I cannot recall which country they were from.

Nowadays, I only collect postcards. I have always wanted to collect postcards from all over the world, since I figured out that I might not be able to afford to visit all my favourite countries. Therefore, I joined Postcrossing. Postcrossing is a community website, where you can register, send postcards to random people all around the world, and receive random postcards too. I also plan to use my postcard collection to decorate my very own craft room in my future home.

If you have extra cash, you might be interested in buying crystal collectible figurines. They are lovely!  Crystal figurines are usually made in series. There are many shapes and sizes, and you can get crystal animals too. These crystal figurines make great decorative items. They make perfect gifts especially for weddings, birthdays and even as housewarming gifts. What do you think?


  1. Hey Debbs, we have got so many crystal figurines it's crazy! :D We got some from our wedding and some we got from other people's weddings! :P

  2. How cool, you collect postcards eh, I'll send you awesome postcards of the Philippines soon! :D

  3. Hey Ane! Really? Hehe I guess they are very popular hehehe...

  4. Oh that would be awesome, Ane! Thanks! I don't have anything from The Philippines yet. :):)


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