Friday, 19 March 2010

My New Rubber Stamps

I'm always on a constant hunt for inexpensive craft supplies for my personal use. Thank goodness for resourceful friends! I went to Midvalley yesterday to a shop that sells old stocks of rubber stamps. I managed to buy these, and altogether they only cost me RM25!

Aren't these a bargain? These could easily cost me more than RM50 at a craft store or even online. I've also tested them on paper using my inks and I just love the results, although I need to brush up on my stamping skills, obviously. Lol!

I love these rubber stamps and they certainly make great additions to my small rubber stamp collection. Now I need to get more cardstocks for my cardmaking, since I've used up my paper stocks. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. WOW!! That is a great purchase! What is that shop called? >.<

  2. Hi Zwei! Dunno what the shop is called but it's near Celebrity Fitness! :)

  3. so beatiful it much more n more!!


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