Sunday, 28 March 2010

My Corner Clear Stamps

Hey everyone! Remember this green and pink card? It was blank because I didn't have the right sentiment stamp for it.

However, I've recently bought a Thank You corner clear stamp set. I didn't like them as corner clear stamps, so I cut them into 4 stamps instead of 2.

I will be sending this thank you card to my lucky March blog giveaway winner. I'll be making another thank you card for my store giveaway winner. By the way, there's still time if you'd like to join and the last day to join is on 30 March 2010!

Can't wait to announce my winners next Wednesday. Good luck!

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  1. creative! you cut them into 4! i never thought of that. the clear stamps are lovely. :)

  2. Hi Zwei! Yup, when I bought the stamps, I intended to cut them, so I did! :)


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