Friday, 12 February 2010

Perfect Valentine's Day Getaway

So Valentine's Day is just around the corner. I usually don't have any special plan on Valentine's Day, other than having dinner with C. I don't even encourage him to buy flowers for me, but I welcome chocolates, though. :)

Anyway, next year I think I would love to surprise C with a hotel stay. Perhaps we would spend a weekend at the hotel. I will have to find out if the hotel bathroom is equipped with a bath tub so that I can relax and enjoy myself while soaking in a aromatherapy bubble bath. I love the idea of relaxing in a bubble bath while listening to nature sounds like the sound of the rain or the waterfall.

I will need to purchase some bath products for my relaxation and aromatherapy session, since I don't own any right now. Scented candles would be perfect to set the romantic mood in the room, and call me weird, but I am a huge fan of confectionery scents such as chocolate, caramel or vanilla. I'd light up some candles in the bathroom, and I hope they have one of those shower trays so that I can arrange more lighted candles on it too.

What about you? Planned something special for this year's Valentine's Day yet?


  1. I would love a hotel stay with B too.. Would you believe we've never done that ever.. Not counting those times we go out of town of course, then we are required to stay in a hotel, but then not a romantic stay cause the kids are with us.. :P

  2. where do you get these PB's? I want some!

  3. Hey Ane! :) You gotta get your sis to babysit while you and B enjoy that much-deserved getaway! :)

    This one is from SR, Ane. ;)

  4. SR eh, I never get reviews there anymore.. Hmm.. might check it out.. :D

  5. I didn't bid for this one, Ane. Maybe you need to update your blog details?

  6. Oh, yeah i should check my blog details! thanks Debbs! :D


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